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Fortcaps offers its customers the option to print their products with customized content/ logo. The printing can be done in any color/ font for aesthetic appearance and product/brand identification. Such marking allows companies to differentiate their products from counterfeit drugs.Printing on capsules is the most economic and effective way of ensuring genuineness of your products.

Both EHG and HPMC capsules can be printed along the length of capsules or along its circumference, depending upon customer choice.

We at Fortcaps have facility to print all sizes of capsules – ranging from size “00” to “5” – with linear or circular orientation as required by customer.

Linear or Axial Printing

Linear or axial printing is a non-oriented printing technique that covers upto 42° of radius where messages are perfectly aligned on cap or body. In this technique, the printed text appears along the length of the capsule.

Circular or Spin Printing

An oriented form of printing that provides more coverage surface area of printing for large messages in single or double color edible printing inks and acts as brand shielding from others. The text appears across the circumference.