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Our facility was designed to streamline manufacturing processes and optimize the flow of men and material throughout manufacturing operations. Spread over an area of over 150,000 square feet, our facility is spacious and designed for process efficiency.

The premises have been designed keeping cGMP, safety and manufacturing capacity in consideration. The facility and equipment are located, designed, constructed, adapted and maintained to suit the operations to be carried out. Their layout and design is in such a way that it is aimed to minimize the risk of errors and permit effective cleaning and maintenance in order to avoid cross-contamination. The material workflow is deigned in U Shape for unidirectional flow and Man Movement is designed to restrict unauthorized access.

Quality begins with the environment and we at Fortcaps have designed that into our facility. Our state of the art Climate Control System maintains precise temperature and humidity in manufacturing areas. This helps us maintain the output quality of our capsules and assure Zero defect product to our valued customers.

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At Fortcaps capsules are manufactured under controlled climatic conditions. 16 fully automatic produce over 6.5 billion capsules in accordance with revised schedule “M” using a dipping process on automatic capsules machines.

As a first step in Quality assurance, the Company has installed Automatic diametrical sorting machines. The Company has also installed automatic aeration machines which ensure perfect moisture for each individual capsule. Capsules are further subjected to another automatic sorter after aeration. By doing so Fortcaps has eliminated manual sorting of capsules, as a result reduced handling of its capsules, chances of contamination and human error. Each Automatic manufacturing line is housed as an independent unit to eliminate the risk of cross contamination.

Our strength lies in the design of our capsules that offers dimensional accuracy and resistance to deformation during transit conditions. Our capsules perform with equal ease on manual / automatic and high speed filling machines.

HPMC (vegetarian) capsules in India


To protect capsules from variations in temperature and humidity, they are packed in heat sealed food grade poly bags and placed in 5 ply corrugated box (505mm x 505mm x 705mm). Thermocol sheets are also provided in corrugated boxes for additional insulation.

The materials used for packaging are sturdy and can withstand rough handling while providing good protection against moisture and heat.



It is important that EHG Capsules be stored in controlled condition of temperature between 15º C to 30º C and relative humidity between 40% and 65%. Storage in conditions beyond the recommended temperature and relative humidity results in deformation of capsules and consequent poor performance on capsules filling machines.


All due care is taken to ensure that capsules are not exposed to extreme temperature and humidity conditions by transporting in properly insulated trucks. Fortcaps also maintains a fleet of custom manufactured air conditioned trucks to ensure proper condition of capsules during transportation.

Safety, Health & Environment

At Fortcaps, we lend significant importance towards the safety and well-being of our employees, and the protection and sustainability of our natural environment. The company implements necessary measures and processes to consistently mitigate the occurrence of industrial hazards and damage to its natural settings.

Fortcaps also recognizes the importance of controlling carbon emission and in an endeavor to reduce our carbon foot print, we have installed a 100 kW roof top solar facility on our roof.

Empty Hard Gelatin (EHG) and HPMC (vegetarian) capsules in India